Co-creation events
Met Phielix & Sar

Studio van der Sar (Sar &) is organizing, in collaboration with Met Phielix, co-creation events in various locations and with different goals.

Media Future Week (Almere)
Students, teachers and lecturers from various media programs be taken on a roller coaster of co-creation sessions, crossovers, lectures and inspiration sessions with leading speakers from the international media industry. The purpose of the Media Future Week is to bring participants to a next level in their field and enforce the relationship between education and media industry. Met Phielix & Sar is the co-creation team of the Media Future Week (MFW).

Pressure Cooker (Rotterdam)
Pressure Cooker is a method in which participants from different backgrounds work on a complex problem in a relatively short amount of time. The Pressure Cooker 'Rotterdam Brainport of the future', where outstanding students together with professionals discussed different issues surrounding the future of the Port of Rotterdam, contributed Studio van der Sar (& Sar) to the creation of the program and facilitated the team 'Digital (brain)port'
Co-creatie workshops
Our products & services

The economy is changing and is getting ready for new experiences, new products, new services, new customers, new communication and new ambitions. Is your business ready for this change?

Are you working on your (new) product or service experience? Are you looking for a renewed vision? Looking for new ideas? Looking for new energy? Ready for innovation? Time for action! Use a facilitator during the team meetings or organize a separate workshop to get your business energized or facilitate the creative process.

Studio van der Sar (Sar &) is known for her energy, analytical skills and conceptual strength.

Leave your brainfart and / or question here with us. Perhaps the only thing you need is a creative catalyst for a day...
3D Workshops
Pre-order your 3D workshop (email)

Studio van der Sar (Sar &) is now organizing 3D printing workshops! During this workshop you will learn to create a (simple) 3D design, you will learn how a 3D printer is working and what it takes to actually print your idea. Would you like to experience the 3D printer, this is your chance!

Looking for an amazing workshop with your friends, an educational activity for the family or an inspiring workshop for the company? We will come to you* and show you how to make your own 3D design and 3D print! (including 10 free 3D prints)

Pre Order your 3D workshop (3 hours) now for only € 363, - (instead of € 484, -)**. The workshop can be organized up to 20 people (€ 18.15 pp). Get the most out of this workshop with 6 to 10 people (€ 60.50 to € 36.30 pp). Ask for our conditions and terms.

* Only within the Netherlands
** Travelcosts and VAT included